How To Keep Them Coming Back For More

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Consumers join meal kit delivery services for a variety of reasons. Many want the convenience they bring, while still getting the satisfaction of making a home cooked meal. It’s like having meals that are semi home-made. 

Other people join meal kit services to get out of the rut of their meal rotation. Coming up with meals that the whole family will enjoy can be a burdensome task, and it often falls on mom or dad to come up with the answers. Trying new meals can be like playing the lottery. There is a small possibility of winning big but the chances of a bust are high. Parents will often just stick to what they know, putting them in a rotation rut.

Meal kits can take some of the thought out of cooking dinner. Many people join meal kit delivery services with the intention of only staying a short while. The service is seen as just a way to spice up the meal rotation and learn new fan favorite recipes.

Many also site prices as the reason for leaving, as cooking at home is usually much cheaper than eating out. They don’t see the value behind keeping it if it is not that much cheaper than eating out would be. 

So the question is…

How do you get people to stay?

Have competitive pricing. 

It’s a commonly held economic principle that the market sets the price. That being said, 

meal kit delivery service companies have to decide how they want to be viewed in the market. To many consumers, the price of the service is not worth it, and is one of the main sources for leaving. 

It’s fair to stand behind your product and stand behind your pricing. But since many consumers site prices for being their reason for leaving, giving the consumer a sense of value is important to justify the price. 

While convenience is a main selling point for all meal kit companies, it would be wise to consider aiming for “best value” as the component that differentiates your company from all the rest. 

Mom Knows Best

Understanding picky eaters comes down to a science that only moms understand. Allowing your customers to be very detailed with their likes and dislikes in order to customize their order, can help to increase the perceived value. 

People change, and so do their tastes, so make it easy for the consumer to update their preferences.

As their meal provider, they are looking to you to help make recommendations. 

Therefore, if they had your lasagna and really liked it, maybe suggest a spaghetti casserole  or stuffed pepper recipe. Highlight the similarities between the two as reasons why they may like a dish. Similar ingredients or similar construction could be good indicators and selling points for why a customer may like a certain dish. 

In an attempt to better understand your customers, look for trends that are easy to use as a prompting tool for what the customer may or may not like. Also, make sure you have a way for customers to give feedback on each meal they try and keep a log of it. 

It may seem like a certain customer dislikes all the mexican food meals, or the dishes that are particularly spicy or even the meals that use a lot of sauce.  All this information can be used to better meet your customers future wants and needs. 

Food Translates to Memories

Another way to make yourself indispensable to your consumers, is to keep the food that is coming to their door exciting. As we enter into the holidays especially, food is a topic of conversation and brings people together more than ever. Make the food that arrives on their doorstep something festive and worth talking about. 

Easy-to-celebrate food makes moments special. Having a meal kit delivery should provide the delicious flavors that everyone craves, while combining the time saving, and stress relieving process of preparing it. Thus giving people more time to savor the little moments that make a season special.

A Lion In The Kitchen

When time is short, or ideas have run dry, preparing food without a meal kit can be scary. That is the exact problem you are trying to solve for your consumers. Take their hand, and show them how cooking unique food doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. 

Be the wizard of the kitchen that gives them the courage they have been wanting but have yet to find. 

A large proportion of those who use meal kits are young men. Statistically, boys growing up didn’t spend a ton of time in the kitchen compared to their female counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be a good cook–they just simply don’t know where to start. 

If a meal kit helps people make something they normally wouldn’t have had the courage to make, it will build an excitement within that customer that will help keep them hooked, coming back and wanting more. 

Your own food source should be able to help you come up with unique combinations that you can use to make your food taste unique. Make your marinara sauce better than any other, if they can’t replicate it, they will keep coming back for more. 

How We Can Help

Pack’n Fresh works with your meal kit provider to offer a variety of traditional and authentic ingredients and products at great value while keeping your palate engaged. We encourage you to find your unique spot in the marketplace with recipes that are one of a kind. Whether that is a grain medley or a sauce recipe that you can not wait to share with the world, we develop, source, and package it, doorstep ready. Contact us today to see how we can help you!